Rink Review - Arcadia Ice Arena

Arcadia Ice Arena , now known as AZ Ice Arcadia, has been a Phoenix neighborhood fixture since the 1960's. it is the home to a youth hockey league, and features clinics, camps, and public skating sessions. they are also involved n a program that teaches kids about hockey and gets them started in the sport. They recently celebrated their 50th Anniversary.

The building is well maintained, and has recently had some major improvements to the seating areas, the glass, and the restrooms.
The ice is good, but my daughter always complained about how many spots the zamboni driver misses, and says the ice gets slushy by the end of her games. There is a small snack bar, but has rarely been open at the odd hours that we have been there for games or practices.

There is no locker room for the girls, and they have to change in the ladies restroom. Equipment shop appears to be well stocked, although all I have had to purchase there is hockey tape. Rental skates are available for open skating, but the last time I checked, looked as old as the rink itself. There is a bar with a separate entrance on the east end of the building, allowing parents or spectators to have a beer and watch the skaters through one way glass.

Located in a WalMart anchored strip mall, it is difficult to find for newcomers (hint, it is back behind Radio Shack). Neighborhood can be a bit rough, and some of the people lurking in the parking lot late at night are best avoided. My advice is to look straight ahead, making it clear you have a hockey stick in your hand, and walk straight to your car. I am told that only the rink was originally at this location, and the strip mall was built up in front of it.

AZ Ice Arcadia