Love Me, Love My Politics

I was born to be a political rabblerouser. and i mean that quite literally.

growing up in liberal Wisconsin in the shadow of the main campus of the university of wisconsin will do that to a person. having a mom that takes you to left wing democrats' political rallies will as well, a tradition I have continued with my own children.

i campaigned for the liberal democrats up for office before i was old enough to vote. i plastered bumperstickers with peace signs on my poor father's cars. I picketed the selective service office and worked on the (gasp) jesse jackson presidential campaigns (yes, plural).

i put political signs in the yard, and my ex husband would take them down. yes, he was, in fact, that petty. he practically blew a gasket when i was selected as a delegate to the state democratic convention... not once, but twice. and it was a political convention i was watching the night he came home and beat me up and the cops came to rescue me. are we surprised?

i am an unapologetic liberal democrat, from the top of my head to the tips of my toes. i will work on any campaign, knock on any door, make ten thousand phone calls, if that is what my candidate needs me to do. i will defy the wrath of any redneck, the pompous attitude of any republican, the moronic statements of any right wing zealot.

love me, love my politics. Or ignore them and keep your mouth shut. my politics are part of who i am. hate my politics and feel the urgent need to tell me so? continually use offensive racial slurs in my children's presence and think it's a joke when I get pissed off and tell you so? see you around. don't let the door hit you in the ass as you leave (although I wouldn't mind hearing that noise).

Oh, and one more thing. Probably the most important thing. IMPEACH TRUMP NOW.