Hockey Road Trips

like it or not, whether I want to admit it publically (and I think I just did), none of my road trips would have happened at all if it wasn't for jeremy roenick (stop gloating, JR).

it started with short trips to California, driving to l.a. and anaheim with friends. a flight to chicago and home, and a blackhawks game. necessity forced expansion of my trips in 2001. after all, Roenick had left phoenix for philly by then. there followed, as budget and schedule allowed, trips to toronto, philadelphia, tampa bay, minnesota, and st louis. i would fly in, go to the game, update the late great roenick website, do some siteseeing and shopping, and fly home. every trip included a starbucks skyline mug, a hard rock guitar, and a shotglass from an airport shop. I have, as you would imagine, a shotglass collection to rival any in the Valley of the sun.

my road trip galleries used to consist of mostly photos of that hockey player. but nowadays, they include scenery, places of interest, and road trip nonsense. well, at least the kind you can post online without consequence.

scanning is still in process, as some photos are pre-digital.

and here we are, years later, post roenick retirement, preparing for yet another hockey road trip only two weeks away. things might constantly change, but some things stay the same. GO BLACKHAWKS!