We Love Our Goalies

We are ALL about the goalies.

Goaltending is the most specialized position in ice hockey; goalies play no other positions and no other players play goalie.

The goalie is one of the most valuable players on the ice, as their performance can greatly change the outcome or score of the game.

The goaltender has special privileges that other players do not. He wears special goaltending equipment that is different from that worn by other players, and is subject to specific regulations.

Additionally, if a goaltender acts in such a way that would cause a normal player to be given a penalty, such as slashing or tripping another player, the goaltender cannot be sent to the penalty box.

Martin Brodeur was the first goaltender in the National Hockey League to score a game-winning goal.

And besides.... Goalies are HOT.

Best wishes to our very favorite goalie, Robert Esche , who is now the president of the AHL Utica Comets, and ex Phoenix Coyote Travis Green, former head coach of the Coments, and new coach of the Vancouver Canucks.