Knitting - Good for the Soul

My mom taught me how to knit when I was in grade school. I would attempt clothes for my barbie dolls, knitting tiny little things on narrow little needles with sock or baby yarn. i made baby booties for my little brothers, blankets, and rather odd looking baby sweaters.

nowadays, my knitting includes prayer shawls, afghans, and baby toys. i knit dinosaurs and monsters. I knit cancer caps, dog blankets, and hats for soldiers that are sent to charities. I even knit a tardis (although not life sized).

I have added "pussy hats" to my knitting repertoire, knitting and shipping out over twenty hats to date, in a wide variety of pinks. Who knew there were that many shades of pink yarn?

and i knit minions. cute, fat little minions with one eye, two eyes, and sometimes three. there will be an army of minions, and with them, i will take over the world. well, maybe arizona. at the very least, the east valley.

for those who see something in the galleries that they might want to make their own, there is an etsy store just for that purpose. some items are already completed, and you can always request custom colors or designs.