Rink Review Update - Oceanside Arena

Oceanside Arena is currently the home rink for the NCAA Arizona State University hockey team, 2015 National ACHA champions and beginning their second full season in the NCAA. The place really rocks during ASU/UofA games, and should be on everyone's "to do" list during college hockey season in the Valley. We are looking forward to the opponents that the ncaa brings!

No pity for the kitty

Dating back to the seventies, the facility is in excellent shape and recently went through extensive remodeling and upgrades, including new boards, new glass, and a brand new locker room for the Sun Devils.

The emphasis at Oceanside is on hockey, which is greatly appreciated. The guys here know what they are doing and the ice is top notch. I appreciate the knowledgable and friendly staff both managing the rink and in the team shop. An added plus, at least for this Midwestern girl, are the White Castle hamburgers available in the snack bar.

oceanside Has that nice "cold fresh ice" smell that I have never been able to explain to anyone but another hockey mom. No girls locker room at this rink, but my daughter seems to mind this less at Oceanside than she does elsewhere. In addition to an excellent ice surface, and always friendly staff, there is a small team shop called with an excellent supply of sticks, skates, and Sauce Hockey tshirts. It is also one of the few places you are able to purchase ASU Hockey merchandise.

Located just north of the 202, it faces undeveloped reservation land, and sits back from the road far enough to be missed if you are not careful. (Hint -- Just north of Big Surf, the first driveway south of Federal Express warehouse, turn when you see that huge clump of cactus near the road).